5 Tips for choosing the right recruitment agency for your business

As an employer, you’ve probably already considered the benefits of using a recruitment agency to handle your staffing needs. The length of your hiring cycle can be reduced, the chances of a bad hire are lower, and you can save significant time, money, and resources. While it’s true that all recruitment agencies perform all of these basic functions, it doesn’t mean that every agency is created equally.

You need to choose the best-suited agency for your needs. But how do you know that you’re partnering with the right one? Here are five top tips for choosing the right recruitment agency for your organisation, and how this will help you find and recruit the best talent in the business.  

1. Specialization

Generalist recruitment firms can be great for organisations that need to recruit new employees for myriad different positions, but if your staffing needs involve a specialisation, it’s important that you partner with an agency that has expertise in that area. This means that not only will you benefit from the recruiters’ knowledge in the hiring market; you’ll also have access to a group of qualified staffing professionals who better understand what you’re looking for regarding skills and experience.

Whether you’re hiring in sales, technology, engineering , construction, logistics or finance, there’s a recruitment agency that specialises in these skill sets. A specialised firm also tends to attract more qualified candidates than general firms, giving you better access to top talent.

2. Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

Asking a recruitment firm about its recruitment and hiring strategies before making a decision is a must. Many agencies use pre-screening tests and candidate verification steps to ensure that their candidates are as skilled as they say they are, and asking to review these steps and strategies can give you great insight into how well the recruitment agency will work for you. If you feel that these strategies aren’t up to your standards, it’s time to move on.

3. Reputation Matters

Like any business, reputation in the recruitment industry is paramount. It’s easy for an agency to boast about its hiring skills, but what its previous clients have to say may be an entirely different matter.

The best method to ensure that you’re receiving top quality service when it comes to recruitment is to look at the firm’s client base. An agency with a few long-standing, loyal clients will likely be much more successful than an agency that has a lot of clients who never returned to use their services, so it can really pay to research a firm’s reputation before making a decision to partner.

4. Customer Service

As a client of a recruitment agency, the quality of customer service that you receive should be high. You shouldn’t feel abandoned or confused during any part of the hiring process, and the communications stream should always be open. If you’re having difficulties reaching someone at the agency, even during the consultation stage, take it as a sign to look in a different direction for your staffing needs.

5. The Candidate Pool

At the end of the day, the most important part of a recruitment agency is its candidate pool. The primary goal of a good agency is to match you with the best-suited candidates, but if the agency’s network is small and untested, you won’t be getting the best service possible. The best way to manoeuvre this is to ask questions about where the recruiters do their recruiting, how they screen their candidates, and what their success rate is for making long-term successful placements. If you’re satisfied with their answers, they may be the best fit for you and your organisation.