5 ways that could help speed up your company's hiring process

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Some companies prefer a lengthy hiring process. The philosophy behind a longer hiring process is that it allows you more time to get to know your candidates and to thoroughly compare their pros and cons. While this may be true at some level, the reality is that you have an empty position that needs to be filled. Your other employees may be scrambling to compensate, or some tasks usually completed under this position may not be done at all.

Ultimately, a long hiring process can negatively impact your company. More than that, many of the top candidates you may be thinking about hiring could be offered another position if you do not act quickly. It is best to adopt a faster and more effective hiring process, and these tips can help you to make a faster yet still beneficial hiring decision.

The curse of the perfect candidate

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Many companies conduct a long and exhaustive search in their quest to find the perfect candidate and in reality, they seldom do. Instead, companies should focus on hiring a real person. Also, while spending their time and energy searching for a perfect-fit situation, companies are passing over other highly skilled and qualified candidates who would otherwise be a great addition to the company.

A wise move is to be clear about the exact set of skills and experience that outlines your needs and preferences for the position. Make this list reasonable and not overly ambitious. When reviewing CV's, refer back to your list, and interview candidates that meet your requirements.

Write a Concise Job Description

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It's great to receive dozens of CV's for a job opening because this gives you greater opportunity to find the right candidate to join your company. However, when your job description is too vague, you may get overwhelmed with a huge number of CV's that take days to review. On the other hand, if your job description is too lengthy and detailed, you may turn qualified candidates away from the position. We at Single Source Recruitment review all of our clients job descriptions to ensure maximum exposure for the right calibre of candidates.

Too Many Steps in the Hiring Process

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Another issue associated with a lengthy hiring process is the number of steps candidates are required to go through. Interviews are a necessary part of any screening process, but when there are more than two rounds of interviews, the timeline is extended considerably.

It is best to screen CV's more carefully along with conducting video interviews techniques (like Zoom and Microsoft teams) to interview candidates. When you do schedule an in-person interview, make sure to prepare detailed and thoughtful questions so that the interview is as effective as possible.

Less Is More

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During the first round of interviews, it is best to have the candidate meet only with a Hiring Manager rather than with a group of people or with a higher-up who will rarely interact with that individual in their daily tasks. The vetting process may include two separate interviews rather than a long interview with a group of people for the best results.

During the initial interview, the Hiring Manager will screen the candidates carefully. The individuals may pass to a second interview that could take place immediately after the first and involve more in-depth questions. However, the second interview with a relevant Manager is not needed with every candidate who is interviewed. Before the interview process begins, determine who in the organisation should be involved in the selection process.

Get Professional Help

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The entire hiring process can be time-consuming and stressful, and many businesses are challenged to find the right candidate for a position despite their best efforts. Regardless of the size of your business, you may benefit from using the services of a professional recruitment agency.

A recruiter can use proven strategies and best practices to streamline the entire process for you. This can streamline the process while helping you to locate an ideal candidate. Some recruiting agencies will even assist with the preliminary set-up process for new hires so that your selected candidate is ready to get right to work on day one.

Hiring the right candidates for your business is critical. This process can be lengthy, stressful and often unfruitful. You can enjoy better results overall when you apply these tips to your recruitment process.